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UESTCO commissioned the new plug-and-play LNG refueling station Modulo

UESTCO Energy Systems manufactured and commissioned a new LNG refueling station this month. Compact LNG refueling station Modulo, besides being a fully functional LNG vehicle refueling station, draws attention with its easy transportation and ease of repositioning when necessary.

While Uestco’s new station ‘Modulo’ contains a 28 m3 LNG storage tank, with a capability to be upgraded in volumes up to 75 m3. With its superior insulation technology, it can keep the fuel cold for long periods of time for the best LNG refueling experience.

The easy-to-use smart LNG refueling dispenser unit guides the user, making the refueling process a flawless and safe experience and fulfills to the needs of trucks using various fuel types. (Cold and Saturated LNG)

Modulo is delivered with complete documentation, all parts fully assembled and tested. Fast and safe commissioning is possible in just a few hours by making the electrical connection at the installation site.

For detailed information and requests, you can contact us at info@uestco.com or our contact page.

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