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LNG & L-CNG Refueling

UESTCO's LNG Refueling Solutions

UESTCO designs and installs LNG & L-CNG refueling stations.
Also manufactures LNG Dispenser and Compact LNG Station Modulo and capable of commissioning Turnkey LNG Station projects.

1. LNG as Vehicle Fuel & What is LNG?

LNG has been widely used as a fuel for heavy road vehicles since 2015. Besides having low emission rates, LNG is also cost-friendly fuel comparing to petroleum products. LNG fueled vehicles’ engines makes less noise and offers a comfortable drive. However, LNG fueling can be challenging because of it is cryogenic nature in which it is stored at -160°C and needs to be served between -105°C to -130°C. Therefore; any LNG refueling systems should offer an excellent ease of use, as well as providing the most efficient system for low methane emission rates. Experienced Uestco team designs and manufactures the most user-friendly LNG fueling systems with state-of-the-art technology.

2. LNG Refueling Stations

a. Public and Private/In-house Stations

LNG refueling station applications can vary in its end-user purposes. Public LNG & LCNG refueling stations are usually fixed stations with multiple dispensers for serving LNG and CNG. Public LNG & LCNG stations have to comply with MID, or other local requirements in order to sell fuel to the public. On the other hand, in-house LNG & LCNG systems are designed to be used by private companies that run their own LNG or CNG truck fleet.

Compact LNG Refueling Station: Modulo

b. Fixed and Moveable Stations

Most of the LNG fueling infrastructure in Europe exist of many fixed stations. In a fixed LNG and LCNG refueling stations, re-locating the system is very costly. Although fixed type of LNG refueling applications can offer a high volume of LNG storage, moveable LNG and LCNG fueling systems can provide great flexibility. Moveable LNG refueling stations are usually designed to work with a fixed LNG storage tank in which re-locating is partially easier but still comes with complications. In order to offer the ultimate solution to LNG refueling, Uestco has designed and manufactured the most compact LNG refueling system: Modulo. This system offers plug & play solution with a storage tank included while providing most comfortable LNG refueling experience.

3. Parts of LNG Refueling Stations

a. Cryogenic Tank

All LNG refueling systems are backed by a cryogenic storage tank that tries to keep LNG at around -160°C. Even though well-isolated tanks are trying to keep LNG as cold as possible, it is not an easy task especially in summers. The system as a whole should be designed to minimize the loss in temperature to keep the carbon emission blueprint and fuel costs at the lowest.

b. LNG Dispenser

LNG Dispenser is the most used part of an LNG or LCNG stations. Especially LNG fueling can be challenging because of specific procedures to be followed for both safety reasons and maximizing the system’s life-time. For the wider use of LNG as a road fuel, Uestco has developed the ultimate design of LNG refueling dispenser. Whereas traditional LNG dispensers are hard to operate and complex, Uestco’s Smart LNG dispenser offers the most comfortable and safe LNG refueling experience.

c. Cryogenic Pump

Cryogenic pumps are one of the main determinants of the systems’ efficiency. Choosing the right cryogenic pump for the different applications are important for the overall performance of LNG system. Well-designed automation and mechanical system can maximize the life-span and efficiency of cryogenic pumps.

d. Control & Automation System

LNG fueling is mostly a mechanical process, in which well-designed automation systems can increase the efficiency, ensure safety, and provide many flexibilities. Uestco Automation Department composing of experienced engineers ensure all Uestco LNG & LCNG station applications are working flawless.