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State-of-the-Art Solution for LNG Refueling!

UESTCO’s New Generation LNG Dispenser is designed to make LNG vehicle refueling user-friendly and simple.

UESTCO designs and manufactures high quality LNG vehicle refueling station equipment with the multidisciplinary talent and experience on LNG.

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Apart from the primary read-out screen where basic information (such as fuel quantity and price) is displayed, The LNG dispenser has a second informative screen that guides the user and provides extra information. Sun protected informative screen’s brightness is 1200 NITs. It provides fueling process information in all languages. Informative display guides the user with animated illustrations.
The LNG Dispenser is equiped with ESD system that includes gas leak detection and hose break-off warning. LNG Dispenser has max. 90kg/min flow rate that offers a gasoline or diesel-like fast refueling experience.
It utilizes the high-tech UESTCO electronic board design, managed by intelligent algorithm for absolute control on refueling process. When truck’s tank is full, auto-stop mode is activated automatically. Equipped with fast error-warning system.

UESTCO’s LNG Dispenser complies ATEX, MID, PED directives.
All sub-components of the dispenser are selected from quality materials of world-proven brands.

Core Features

Technical Specs.

Size (HxWxD)230x155x75 cm
FlowrateMin.15 ~ Max.90 kg/min
PressureMin. 3 ~ Max. 22 bar
Operating TemperatureMin.-162 ~ Max.-104°C
Ambient Temperature-10 ~ +40°C
(optional -25 ~ +40°C)
CommunicationRS485 ModBus RTU
ConformityATEX, PED, MID


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