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IPACK Automation


IPACK is the abbreviation of “Intelligent Packs” that explains our approach to solutions related to the industrial needs.

IPACK is a collection of solutions that enables local and/or remote control of different types of machines, systems and/or devices, by using programmable PLC, transmitters and sensor groups.

IPACK is a sharing point of our deep knowledge and experience of our engineering approaches that we have developed for industrial needs over the years.

IPACK is a platform where our team’s continuous desire and determination for learning and innovation meets technology with the dreams of our customers.

For more information, please visit IPACK website: www.ipack.com.tr/en


We design IPACK Automation System solutions and present to our customers, by using smart programmable IPACK PLCs, which are completely designed and manufactured in our own premises.


IPACK PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is a fast, trustworthy and user-friendly device that is manufactured with high technology components. IPACK PLC’s user interface has a very simple design and is very flexible in various applications, thanks to its modular structure. The standard communication protocols it supports enables compatibility with other systems.


Built on 32-bit high-performance microcontroller architecture with a superior design, as per international engineering standards, it offers modular solutions for your specific needs.