Compact LNG Refueling Station: Modulo

UESTCO’s containerized LNG refueling station Modulo is a compact LNG fueling solution that fleets can use independently.

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Core Features

  • Fully comply with ATEX, PED and MID regulations
  • Horizontal LNG storage tank for compact and transportable design
  • LNG dispenser unit with smart and user-friendly refueling functions
  • Integrated fleet-card and driver recognition system
  • System offered saturated and cold (for Volvo) refueling options
  • Built-in LNG conditioner system for each temperature requirements
  • Built-in flame and gas detection system

Technical Specs.

Ambient Temperature-20°C to 45°C
(Optional -25°C to 50°C)
Operating Temperature-196°C to -108°C
Control UnitPLC Control Panel
Telemetry System
Advanced ESD System
Mass Flow RateMinimum = 15 kg/min
Nominal = 63kg/min
Maximum = 90kg/min
NGV TypesIveco, Scania, Volvo
Boundary wallFire resistant, thermo insulated
Certificates Complying with EU Directives
ASME Design Option


UESTCO designs and manufactures high quality and safe LNG vehicle refueling stations with the multidisciplinary talent and experience on LNG.
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