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Compact LNG Refueling Station: Modulo

UESTCO’s containerized LNG refueling station Modulo is a compact LNG fueling solution that fleets can use independently.

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UESTCO designs and manufactures high quality and safe LNG vehicle refueling stations with the multidisciplinary talent and experience on LNG.

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Optimum Solution

Modulo is a movable LNG refueling station which is the most suitable solution for companies to use independently in their own fleet. Despite its small size, Modulo contains all the units of a fixed LNG station and offers the optimum LNG fueling.

Fast Delivery & Commissioning

Modulo is fully factory manufactured and tested for fast and safe commissioning with complete documentation. Plug and play installation is possible thanks to its 45ft container size design.

Expandable Capacity

With default tank size, Modulo can handle more than 20 vehicle refueling daily. The storage capacity can be increased 28 m3 to 75 m3 upon the request, thus providing a higher refueling volume to the station.

Smart and Fast Refueling

Modulo can refuel an average LNG vehicle with a flow rate of up to 90Kg/min. It guarantees a smooth refueling experience thanks to its smart dispensing unit.

Online Monitoring and Diagnosis

Modulo can online monitor all diagnosis via ModBus. The system has additional precautions for scenarios such as possible gas leaks, hose break-off and pressure imbalances.

Core Features

Technical Specs.

Ambient Temperature-20°C to 45°C
(Optional -25°C to 50°C)
Operating Temperature-196°C to -108°C
Control UnitPLC Control Panel
Telemetry System
Advanced ESD System
Mass Flow RateMinimum = 15 kg/min
Nominal = 63kg/min
Maximum = 90kg/min
NGV TypesIveco, Scania, Volvo
Boundary wallFire resistant, thermo insulated
CertificatesComplying with EU Directives
ASME Design Option


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