UESTCO is serving to many industries since 2006 with its expertise on natural gas process applications.
As an all-in-one company, it has commissioned over 800+ turnkey projects and a wide range of customized engineering solutions from simple skids to complex industrial gas applications.
Thanks to its multi-disciplinary engineering approach, UESTCO has started manufacturing of electromechanical products such as LNG refueling dispenser and industrial gas detectors.

We’ve Been Directing Your Energy Since 2006.

Particularly focusing on industrial energy solutions UESTCO Energy Systems provides services on natural gas, LPG, engineering, R&D, technical consultancy, project designing, field applications besides supplying technical materials and equipment for the industrial gas based sectors.

First LNG Station of Turkey was Launched

UESTCO New Generation LNG Dispenser has been commissioned with the cooperation of Shell Company, in the first LNG refueling station in Turkey.

New Generation LNG Refueling Dispenser operational in Europe

UESTCO New Generation LNG Dispenser was commissioned in Hungary within the scope of European LNG Blue Corridor Project.

Karf&Scoot was Launched

The trademark of Karf&Scoot was created for manufacturing smart devices to be used in flammable, explosive, toxic and suffocating industrial atmospheres.

The First LNG Refueling Dispenser is on the Site!

Designed and manufactured by UESTCO, LNG dispenser was activated for the filling project of the first mining vehicle operating with LNG in Turkey

LNG Dispenser R&D Started

Taking the advantage of total use of multidisciplinary engineering culture, UESTCO has designed and prototyped the first “zero” emission LNG refueling dispenser in 2015.

IPACK SCADA System Expanded in the EU

IPACK has become one of the most preferred PLC brands in natural gas applications within the EU along with SCADA systems UESTCO has commissioned.

The First PLC Design of Turkey

UESTCO has created a brand of IPACK; which designs, manufactures and, delivers PLC worldwide.

Our First Project Abroad

After designing and implementing some LNG, LPG, and CNG projects in Turkey, UESTCO has started several projects abroad.

UESTCO was Founded

UESTCO Energy Systems is an engineering company founded in 2006, Istanbul with the motto of “Think beyond the box, find a solution and then share” performing at oil and gas market. UESTCO has become the leader on the LNG engineering area. The company has succeed on hundreds of industrial application projects of LPG, LNG, CNG, BIOGAS & CHP.

Why Uestco?