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Pressure Regulating and Metering Systems

RMS stations are one of the most important systems in the process of transporting natural gas. Natural gas is exposed to many different pressurization conditions during the stages of its extraction from its source, its transfer between cities and countries and its delivery to the end user, and it also needs to be measured under many different conditions. For example, while being transferred between countries, it must be transmitted through pipelines at very high pressures, while city gas transmitted to the end user it must be at very low pressures in order to be used safely.

Uestco Energy Systems offers pressure regulation and measurement systems solutions for all needs from 70 bar to 21 millibar with its expert team and vast experience.

UESTCO is offering solutions for regulating and measuring applications as plug & play SKID systems. The SKID systems’ design and production can be adapted to the specific requirements of the end-users by the expert UESTCO engineering team.

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