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Turnkey LNG & L-CNG Stations

CNG & LNG as A Fuel for Road Transport

Due to its economic and ecological benefits, the use of LNG in heavy-duty transportation is increasing day by day. Being both a good performance and an affordable option has also increased the demand for LNG stations and the LNG station network is increasing. LNG is a competitive alternative for use in long-distance transport as well as for regional distribution and CNG is mostly used for limited city distribution and garbage collection.

Since LNG is a liquid fuel in fact, LNG stations are structurally similar gasoline and diesel stations. Liquid natural gas (LNG) is stored in a cryogenic tank and then pumped directly to the distributor for liquid distribution.

Equipment found mainly in LNG stations:

* Cryogenic storage tank for LNG
* Cryogenic immersed centrifugal pump skids
* Ambient vaporizer
* Dispensers for LNG connected to a payment system
* LNG cooling system to deliver cold LNG and eliminate the risk of gas release to the atmosphere.
* PLC control system to automate the process which is also equipped with a fast error warning and emergency shutdown (ESD) system.

L-CNG Stations

There are also L-CNG stations which include CNG refueling dispenser with some additional equipment adapted to LNG stations. The additional or replaced equipment to enable CNG refueling in LNG station set-ups are:

* High pressure ambient vaporizer
* CNG buffer tank
* CNG dispenser

UESTCO designs and installs LNG & L-CNG stations with its own engineering teams and products as a turnkey project. To get more information about Uestco please visit About Us page.

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