LNG Regasification Skid Systems

What is regasification of LNG?

Transporting natural gas from the point of production to the point of consumption is a challenging task. Either a natural gas pipeline must be built, which is a costly investment, or natural gas must be transported by tankers.

In order to be transported by tankers, natural gas is first liquefied in liquefaction plants by cooling to -160°C, during which time its volume shrinks approximately 600 times and becomes much more convenient for transport.

When it is transported to the point where it will be used, the liquefied natural gas (LNG) must be converted back into gas by heating. This process is called “regasification“.

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UESTCO Regasification Systems

UESTCO manufactures fully automated compact Regasification Systems installed on skids. These systems are equipped with vaporizers, pressure regulating unit, ex-proof automation control panel, odorizer, flowmeter and ATEX certified trim heater (for colder environments, when necessary).

  • Vaporizer converts natural gas from liquid form to gaseous form using ambient temperature.
  • Pressure regulating unit reduces the high pressure of the vaporized natural gas to the desired pressure level.
  • Automation control panel allows the entire system to be managed in full automation, remotely monitored, tracked, and controlled, when necessary, through Ethernet or GPRS connections.
  • Odorizer system ensures that natural gas, which is normally odorless, is odorized for safe and easy detection in case of leakage.
  • Flowmeter measures instant gas consumption that flows through the pipelines.
  • Electrical Heater is used to heat the gas at desired level when vaporizers are not enough at colder environments.


  • Compliance with PED & ATEX
  • Up to 1250 Nm3/hr. Regasifying Capacity (on a single chassis)
  • Capacity Upgrade Option
  • Plug-and-play Design, Easy Commissioning
  • Fully Automated Design with Embedded Control Panel
  • Automatic changeover system (The system decides which vaporizers to use according to the usage load)
  • Telemetry and Remote Control (Ethernet or GPRS connections)
  • State-of-the-art Robust and Reliable Electromechanical Design
  • Easy Operation, Long Service Life

Technical Specifications

On Skid OdorizationYes
On Skid Electrical Trim HeaterOptional
Double Stream Regulating & MeteringYes
Type Or ServiceLNG Regasifying
Max. Capacity2 x 1250 Nm3/hr. (8 hrs. switchover)
Design Temperature-196°C / +50 °C
Working Pressure2 to 16 bar
Design Pressure40 bar
Test Pressure60 bar
Liquid Inlet DiameterDN50
Gas Outlet DiameterDN100
Flange RatingPN16 – PN40
Pressure Inlet2 to 16 bar
Pressure Outlet150 mbar to 4.2 bar
Design CodeEN or ASME Compatible Design
SizeUp to L: 13000 mm x H: 2700 mm x W: 2500 mm


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