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Our Technologies



IPACK is the abbrevation of “Intelligent Packs” which defines our approach to the solutions to the needs of industry. Using the PLCs, transmitters and sensor groups various types of machines, systems and devices are followed up through close and remote means and ultimately expresses the total sum of the solutions.

IPACK is the melting pot of our engineering approaches, knowhow and the experiences which is a daily revaluating platform while combining our dreams with the technology. 



At the end of an intensive and a long R&D processes KARF&SCOOT is defined as the group of smart devices which operates perfectly and efficiently within flammable, combustive and explosive environments. Compared to equivalents with its high technology, womby microcontroellers and IOT friendly software and hardware background KARF&SCOTT devices represent our selective engineering point of view.


İ.T.Ü. ICMD Laboratory

Founded in 2017 within the body of İTÜ Electric&Electronics Faculty “Intelligent Condition Monitoring & Diagnostics” (ICMD) laboratory becomes a true example of collabration between academy and industry that we’ve always been for. At ICMD there are ongoing works on smart softwares that the remote sensors collect and transmit to a center where the data is analysed, therefore industrial efficiency is improved through the means of remote data collecting and disagnosis processes.

ICMD is the only labratory following the critical processes in industrial systems.


New Generation LNG Refueling Dispenser 

New Generation LNG Refueling Dispenser designed by UESTCO was commissioned as a first refueling system for the mine vehicles. Moreover, the dispenser also commissioned in the first LNG refueling station of Turkey. The most outstanding feature of New Generation LNG Dispenser is its user-friendly display which directs the user from beginning to the end of the refueling procedure.